The love supreme

The love supreme



Just popping in to share a couple of layouts I contributed to the current issue of Jot Magazine....
If you haven't already you can read the issue FREE (here) 

This first layout was for the 'Hello' gallery... I loved the repetition of the word 'hello' and as well as the very pale 'tone on tone' colour palette which is a little different for me...

I created this second layout for the story-telling gallery ...  about my favourite time of the day.

I loved how the Ali Edwards Project Life card made such an impact on my page... kicking off the story with such a big impact.


Jot projects issue 18 - Making cards from scraps...

A little while back I decided to condense my scrap-booking stash.... I felt like I was cluttered and having too much stuff was making me less productive. Thats the weird thing isn't it... having more felt like I had less.

On the scale of 'stash hoarders' Id say I'm pretty low... I honestly don't have that much...but just the sheer clutter of the packaging alone was overwhelming. 
So I thought perhaps colour sorting might work for me....  it was a big step...a  'cant go back' type of step.... but I did it anyway.

I went through all my sticker sheets... ephemera and bits and pieces.... and cut everything apart...and sorted into colour pots. Im not too worried about having it all separated...I have a fairly good idea who manufactures what...and some of it was so old it doesn't even matter anymore.

I have a red, pink, yellow / orange, brown, gold, black and white, white and a multicolored pot...and its so easy to reach for the colour Im after and sort through.

Then because I was all inspired by my lovely colour sorted supplies I sat and created a stack of clustered cards. These have been so handy.... Ive used them as Project Life cards (as seen below)... gift cards...and even on layouts. Its lovely to have something pre-made ready to go.

So from my little stash of pre-made cards came these Project Life cards as seen in Issue 18 of Jot Magazine...

I wonder if anyone else sorts by colour ? How do you find it?


Jot Magazine - Quick and Easy Challenge


So I'm popping in today to share a layout I created using the 'Quick and Easy Challenge' from the latest issue.

Each issue of Jot Magazine features a Quick  and Easy challenge....  this issue it was created by the clever Kim Jeffress...and it really caught my eye. 
It featured a huge cut file.... and I really wanted to give it a go. Cut files and me don't get along too after much frustration I managed to cut one and then it was as simple as adding some pattern paper....a few words and mist splatters.

Please check out the Jot Magazine Blog for all the details and where you can upload your own challenge layouts.

...and Kims gorgeous layout and the details...


Simply Mardi - Macrame on Etsy

I've spent so much time this year trying to make things simple and easy... but I drove myself crazy with what to do with an overabundance of macrame pieces.

Ill spare the details of all my indecisiveness... my to'ing and fro'ing of ideas...and just say this...
I decided to keep my old store 'Dudley and Grace' just as it was.... a store for my unique stitched maps and little softie characters.... and open a brand new Etsy store 'Simply Mardi' just for my macrame... it has a whole different vibe... its calm ...peaceful and white... and lets be honest trying to make it fit my Dudley and Grace store just wasn't working.

The other little niggling thought holding me back was that I will not be mass producing store will probably never look 'stocked' ....but I've got over myself and I will just create as feel...and time permits ...purely for the love if it... and pop the odd one up to Etsy as I go.

I am so thankful for a couple of lovelies who purchased from me this last week.... these two pieces have made their way to new homes....




Guest Spot - Kellie Stamps

Feeling so grateful today have another of these little 'opportunities' pop up in my life.
Thankyou Kellie  for being so incredibly kind and allowing me to join your talented creative team for the month of June.

Check out this set.... called CURRENTLY .... so many cute little words...

I had the chance throughout the month to see the behind scenes work that goes on....WOW! those girls are an inspiration. 

I think Ive written this before.....I was a complete latecomer to the joys of stamping.  I seemed to have constant fails... I can't deal with 'half stamped' images or smudgey marks...and I was always terrified of adding a stamp to an almost complete layout for fear of a 'stuff-up'. So I began by buying some digital stamps that I could print out and use as 'word strips' and then I ventured to clear stamps. Honestly.... these stamp so clearly...and so precisely....that I am converted.
I keep them handy.... and have begun reaching for them over and over again.

Had to laugh at Kellies description.... 'this set has sass for the queens we all are' .. its a hoot... with all the lovely wit and humour I expect from a Kellie Stamps set..

Its a clear stamp set called THIS GIRL

Clear stamp set "THIS GIRL" 


Jot projects - issue 18 - stamping your journaling

This layout from the latest issue of  Jot Magazine... is one of my faves...
I'm not even entirely sure why but I think that cute photo its made from a collection of older products which is very satisfying.

The stamping adds that little bit of something too...


Macrame - its taken over my life...

Macrame ... macrame.... 
You 'snuck' (is that an actual word?) into my life....and now...not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about you....I'm hooked. 

But what do I do with so many pieces? My Eldest made the comment that I'm covering the house in 'webs'...and when I stand and look around..maybe he is right.

The trouble is that for a creative mind the possibilities are endless....  with just a few simple knots.... you can create the simplest of simple.... or the most intricate of designs. They can be long and slender.... short and fringy... full of details... soft and whimsical or angular and abstract.... and right at this moment I love them all.

I have been flooding my Instagram with photos of my progress...and new designs... probably driving everyone mad.
I hope to add more to my Etsy store Dudley and Grace  over time as well...oh and speaking of my Etsy store.... Im still devastated by the incident that incurred me two scathing feedback reviews. Even though it took me 2 years to get over the 'shame and disappointment' before feeling I could step back into the Etsy arena....I still have to read those two comments each and every time....because the 50+ positive comments apparently don't count when it comes to the Etsy algorithm. Live and learn.... keep it real... and so on.... trying to just let it go....